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Perfect shape, New Chain and sprockets, fairly new tires, 2nd Look Bra, Ivan's S/O jet kit, IAS Removal, Intuitive Sliders, R1 Carbon Fiber Exhaust, 12,000 miles and the oil and filter has been changed at least 7 times. $5,100 if you have to negotiate or $4,950 if you don't want to. I'll try to post a picture later in the week.

I broke my right clavicle and have to get it operated on again, tomorrow. Be patient because I might not be out of the hospital until Thursday afternoon.

I'm selling it because I have 3 bikes in the garage, and I haven't ridden in over a month with at least 2 months to go. I'm keeping the 03 R1 and selling the KLR650 and FZ1.

I'll buy a KTM 950 or V-STROM 650/1000 (or another FZ1 if I can't do without one) to replace both of those next winter or something. South of Houston BTW.
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