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if you will take a payment
plan for about a month i
can pay in full
after i sell one of my hotrods
got offers just not what i want

and need a bike soon and i
will pay a higher price if you cut me a

im a artist
i work alot with airbrush
for custom paint and will do
free work on fairings for you
if want for the deal
thankyou :alky :cool:
email me [email protected]

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If only you were the bank and you were still this motivated to give a semi student loan default person a chance, then i could get your bike. damn i guess it will just be a dream to get a nice bike. Good luck bro. from a fellow First State resident in bear

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FutureMan said:
you wont take less than $7000 but you're gonna trade it in? =/
I will take a 300 dollar hit to get the bike I want. I have been offered 6700 as a trade. And if nobody buys this bike from me before Wednesday it's getting traded in. So to answer you question Yes I will trade it in.
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