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Hello, fello riders, I have many parts for your 00-03 750, 01-03 600, 01-02 1000. The parts came off of a 2002 GSXR 1000. The bike was in mint condition, before parting it out. I was planning on selling the bike as a whole, but didn't get the price that I wanted for it. Thanks,

They are as followed.

1. Frame, with clean title $2500 or best offer.
2. Sub frame.
3. 03 GSXR 750 Front and Rear rim (white color) without rotors and sprocket $450.
4. Right Carbon fiber Ram Air tube.
5. Engine $1800 or best offer.
6. I have two Stock exhaust pipes, it is in great condition.
7. Upper stay bracket, in mint condition .
8. Gauge with less then 8k miles on it.
9. Complete Left handlebar, with switches.
10. 04-05 shorty pipe in great condition.
12. Left complete shift setup.
13. Both Passenger pegs.
14. I have one 02 1000 Swing arm with a 525 stock chain and three 03 GSXR 750 with a 525 stock chain.
15. I have one 02 GSXR 1000 Shock setup and two 03 GSXR 750 Shock setup.
16. Complete front shock, in mint condition.
17. Complete fairing set up in mint condition, with a CANDY APPLE PAINT JOB and White Flush mount blinkers. Bike has not been riding since new paint job.
18. Left Black Ram air tube.
19. Headlight harness gauge.
20. Complete wiring harness for the bike, all wires are in good shape, no cut offs.
21. Complete lock set up with 2 keys.
22. Tripple tree Steering stem.
23. Stock headers.
24. I have all the water hose for the bike.
26. Front seat.
27. I have (2) Rear passenger seat.
28. ECU.
29. 03 GSXR 750 Front Calipers.
30. 03 Throttle tube.
31. Head light.
32. Chrome bar ends still new.
33. Chrome block offs, still new.
34. Airbox with filter $25.
35. Chrome Sport tec Windshield $55.
36. Radiator with fan mint.
37. I have 2 Tail light $10 each.
38. I have two batteries in good condition.
39. I have three Front axle bolts.
40. I have three Rear axle bolt.
41. Front Rotors in good condition.
42. I have two under tail trays, one is cut for the aftermarket undertail and the other is in perfect condition.
43. Headlight bulbs stock.
44. Rear rotors.
45. Rear sprocket hub with vortex sprocket.
46. Rear Calipers.
47. I have two 03 GSXR 750 stock dampers and 02 GSXR 1000.
48. I have a 04 750 front and rear wheel (black) $450 without rotors and sprocket.
49. Radiator oil with connections.
50. 03 GSXR 750 complete Radiator hose set.
51. 02 GSXR 750 ECU.
52. Complete Right Side Throttle Assembly Switch without the clip on.
63. 04 GSXR 750 Rear fairing, it has a broken tab under neath the front seat and light scratches.
64. I have two 03 GSXR 750 headers one has two dents on it by where it bolts on to the exhaust and the other has a dent on the inside by where it bolts on the the exhaust.
65. I have a Brand New K & N Filter unopened in the plastic.
66. 02 GSXR 1000 Under plastics set w/ the V vent.


Please make offers, no crazy prices please.

Please contact me through my email address [email protected], please let me konw what you want, and make an offer. If you need pictures, please let me know. I live in New Jersey and willing to meet you in New Jersey or pay thru Paypal or Western Union and I will mail it to you.

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Chain and Sprocket

busa4 said:
are you going to sell me the front sprocket and chain? still waiting...
If you would have check you email, I had sent you a shipping price and informed you about the chain. I never heared back from you. You have my email address. Let me know.

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whyslack said:
Is the frame a 750? I'm looking for a 600 clean!
Hello, I know someone who has a clean title frame for a GSXR 600. The frame is candy apple blue and he is asking $2000 for it. Let me know and I will get his info for you. Thanks,

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looking for a speedo cluster, windscreen (clear or smoke) and right(brake side) rear fit a 00-03 750....wondering if you have any of those??

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I have a speedo cluster, I do have the right side brake setup for those years. As for the frame, the guy buys bikes and parts them out, the bike is a 02 GSXR 750, he is located in Brooklyn, NYC and from my understanding the frame is in cherry condition. I know he was selling the bike as a whole, but didn't get the price he wanted, so he parted it. Let me know. Thanks,

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Hello, the frame is a 02 GSXR 750 and from what I know it is in good condition. If you want email me your number to [email protected] and I will pass your information to him. I do not know a great amount of details on the frame, so you could speak with him directly. Thanks,
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