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2001 Suzuki GSXR600 Immaculate

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2001 Suzuki GSXR600 Immaculate w/ All the Leathers

FS: 2001 Suzuki GSXR600, w/ HJC Jacket, Large Shoei Helmet, and Racing Gloves, all Black&Yellow to Match the bike.

-4780 Miles
-Black & Yellow
-Never Dropped, Scratched, etc.
-down 1 Front Sprocket (very smooth raising around 3500 rpms), Slip-On Jyikigi (SP?) Exhaust, Frame Sliders,more.
-All the Riding Gear youll need

the bike is amazing, gotta sell it because its time for a car.

Im takin pics of it this weekend, email me [email protected] for pics and details. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in PMs

Asking $5900 obo. :alky

make me an offer
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want to trade for a highly modded 94 z28???
im sorry, but not interested in a camaro. but thanks for the post/bump/offer
I would love your 2001 Suzuki GSXR600. it would eba great gift for my son, my email adress is [email protected]. we should talk about making a deal.
here are some pics. there isnt a scratch on her, never been dropped, its been babied to the extreme.


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still up, nobody has responded to my emails. its got a ton of stuff.
i really cant go under $5550, its too new. sorry, but thanks for the offer.

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