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Selling my R1 because I have debt problems needing immediate attention. It's in the Autorader magazine right now - and going for $7000 CAD which is a steal. If you know any Ottawa guys, they all know me and know the bike is cleaned more then ridden.

It's got 32,000km - all original except a slip on DnD - the original can goes with it. Read fender isn't even cut. Comes with a rear stand and spools - Shoei helmet with clear and tint visors - gorila alarm (cheap but hey) and a bike cover.

I hate to part with this bike - and I'll buy another one day without hesitation. Who ever buys this is getting one hell of a deal, and a bike that needs nothing. It's confused by people as being 'brand new' all the time -

Don't have much of a pic of it except what the Autotrader took for me - I'll attach. If anyone is interested, call me 24/7 at (613) 226-3748 . I will be borrowing a digital camera in the next day or two so I can post up some more pics if any one is interested. FYI - it's the red black and white one :)


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