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2001 Mustang

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Alright, I'm selling my 2001 Silver Mustang Convertible. It is leather interior with electric convertible top. Stock system (sorry guys I am taking mine out and putting all the original stuff back in there). But it does have a dual exhaust I had installed which was an extra 2000 outta my pocket. Less than 40,000 miles on it. Kept up with all the oil changes and such, also has a 3 year, 30,000 mile warranty on it that I bought separately. The Kelly Blue Book Value, without the warranty or the exhaust, said it was worth 14,450, but because of the extras I want 17,500/ no negotiations. I can get some cars up in the next few weeks. Will be available for sale in 2 weeks but must have the funds available before the title is released. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY 414 745 9191 or 414 453 3772
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shortyali0369 said:
As for the car I'm looking to buy I wanna buy something that's good on gas, no more than 5grand and I can't buy it til I have the money from the Mustang lol
I'm trying to sell a 99 Mercury Cougar V6. It's got a new motor with warranty. Gas mileage is usually 28-30mpg. PM me if you're interested. Or look on Auto Trader... zip code 53038.
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