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Just testing the waters here, if I can't agree on a price with the buyer then I won't sell. I have a red/white 2001 CBR F4i with 12,300 miles on her. This bike is ABSOLUTELY MINT, like straight off the showroom floor. Not a single scratch on her. Never ever has it touched the ground. The Sportec M1s have plenty of mileage left. This bike pulled just shy of 104 RWHP on the dyno. It is as strong as all of the new 600ss bikes. What it has:

Full Hindle Titanium system
Smoke LP Speedscreen
Fender chop
Taillight integrated
Frame Sliders
A.P.E. Manual CCT
Repadded main seat and passenger seat for increased comfort

Oil has been changed with Mobil 1 every 3000 miles. The CCT was replaced with a manual one, it will never give you a problem. The bike is totally reliable, always starts up on the first try, never has any problems. The bike is very fast as well. I don't stunt, but I can easily feel the wheel trying to come up. I can rail this bike through Deal's Gap, it handles very very well. Though it has 12,300 miles on it, the bike has been babied and garage kept. It is in better shape than some bikes with 1,000 miles on them. I wash it twice a week and wax it with Zaino. It truly defines "mint condition."

Looking for $5400 with mods
$4900 without PCIII and full system

I have title in hand.


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I would take that second picture out haha
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