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For Sale:

2000 Kawasaki ZX7R. Good Condition runs fast, actually too fast that I need to slow down. I am finding myself get too comfortable and going faster on the highways now. So I am going to sell this and get something less aggressive. It was laid down lightly in a gravel parking lot. I did send the original fairing out to a fairing repair place. The body shop put a light bubble in the paint when painting it and it is pictured below. A friend said it could be buffed out, but I didn't try it. Also I still use the bike so the mileage will go up.


Muzzy Titanium Exhaust, Rejetted (check this season), Muzzy / EBC Brake rotor upgrade, K&N Filter, 2nd Look Rear seat cover, re-geared (1 down front & 2up rear ?), Factory Advance, smoke windscreen, Undertail kit, flush front turn signals, painted airduct covers, and new pirelli diablo tires this season.


Replica Lucky Strike jacket (L), Xvent helmet (XL), 3 extra windscreens, original gears and ignition advance, front and rear stands, original brake rotors, original air filter, original front turn signals, tank bag and tank bra.

Asking $5000/obo for the bike.
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