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First of all, if you don’t know anything about the VFR, it has been rated by pretty much every motorcycle publication as the greatest all-around bike ever made. This is the kind of bike that you can take on a comfortable 1000 mile road trip one weekend, then trailer it up to the track the next weekend and still humiliate the dudes on their RRs. The V-Four engine is awesome for many reasons: 1) With gear-driven cams, the whole engine only has like 10 moving parts, so it’s basically indestructible and WILL last over 100k miles – way more if you really take care of it 2) It has super torque like a V-twin but great horsepower up top like an Inline-4; 3) With the Two Bros exhaust, it sounds like a small block V-8!!

About this particular bike…I bought it from a guy almost a year ago who had just repainted it green (like on the tank). I flew up to New Hampshire to pick it up and rode it all the way back to DC. Since then I’ve taken it on many 500+ mile day trips (sometimes with a passenger), it’s very comfortable. The bike now has about 21k miles. The hydraulic clutch is silky smooth. I also took it to the track once, and it kicked ass there too (see picture). It’s painted gold now because I low-sided on a road near me and scratched up the green paint. The right turn signal still has rash, and the engine cover on the right had rash (see pictures). Also if you notice, there’s no rear lens, I never felt like replacing it. There’s a place on the internet where you can order them new for around $100. Also, I only have one mirror, which I never cared to use anyway. The right clip-on is tweaked slightly down but I barely notice it, and I’ve ridden thousands of miles since then like that, so it’s not a big deal. The frame and forks are straight, nothing is bent, it all works great and runs like a champ.

Notice that the frame is polished, as well as the rear wheel, and the lips of the front wheel. They look really awesome sparkling in the sunlight, especially when they’re in motion. It has a Two Brothers high-mount exhaust, which like I said, makes it sound like a Mustang or something, you gotta hear it to believe it. It has a Targa dark smoke sport-touring windscreen which is a little higher than stock. Emgo gold footpegs, and new comfortable gel handlebar grips. The tires are brand new Dunlop 208 ZR (racing compound), each has less than 200 miles. It’s had fresh Motul synthetic-blend every 2000 miles.

I hate to let this bike go, but the wife needs a new car…sooo, that means no bike for me for a while. Take advantage of this great price on a classic top-rated bike.


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