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Need a little help here.
For starters I had to replace the whole wiring harness. I put on a 2001harness and made all connections except in the tail section of it there is a 7-8 socket connection I have no idea where it goes to. Need help with that too. After hooking up all sensors and turning the crank manually to generate a little pressure because the bike sat, I hooked up the tank. I noticed my stv cable was broken but looking in the manual that shouldnt stop the bike from firing. The tank pump primes but no fire. I switched the right control to see if it was the switch but no go. The FI light stays on full red and the guages flash FI. I put it in dealer mode and get c00. What gives?
I even tested the orange/white and Black/white wires going into the ecu for 12v and still nothing. If anyone can help or has had to swap harness fill me in on any gaps I missed. I would greatly appreciate. The wife is begging me to get the bike going for a good ride. Thanks!
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