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Hey Gang,
Just thought I'd tell everyone about a great ride :banana out of Poplar Bluff, working my way to Van Buren; via Wms'ville, Piedmont, HH; on the twisty/turneys.

From Poplar Bluff---take W hiway 4.4 mi to 172w then on to 67 total 17.1miles

Cross hiway 67 go 100yds north to 172/49w
7.1 miles to Wm'sville, then on 5.6.mi to hiway A. turn Right(N)
Go 1.4mi on A to Mill Spring Turn left (N) to Leeper.
Half Mile past Leeper turn Right onto 34
Stay on 34 5mi to Piedmont
Turn Left onto HH (by the church), go 31.4 miles to Hiway 21.
Left on hiway 21(s), go 8.1 mi to D hiway
Stay on D for 11.8 mi to Van Buren.
Turn Right at the T (Bus 60)& go into town
Grab you a bite to eat and try to get that ear-ear smile :eek:nfloor tucked away, before you turn around and get it again :boink .

Since much of this route is covered by trees, early morning rides be careful as the road may be damp/wet.

Let me know when you're comming down/across, I'll try to ride with you. I may not be fast, but I am old
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