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The famous FTR Two Wheel Tuesdays are back, and at an all new location. The event has outgrown the former location. :banana

Next week, June 3rd will be the kickoff of Two Wheel Tuesdays hosted by Full Tilt Riders MC.
The new location will be The Tonic Lounge located at 3100 NE Sandy, Portland, OR (just off of I-84)
Time will be 7:00 PM untill
Age: 21 and older
A Happy Hour Menu will be in effect.

The Tonic has a huge parking lot and attached outdoor patio. Feel free to browse the lot and talk bikes with a beverage in hand. :cheers Or, chill out at the large picnic tables on the adjacent patio complete with an outdoor bar.
Music will be piped outside, but feel free to wonder inside for a game of pool or to watch sports on the HD TV's. :popcorn

Look out for special events, raffles, competitions, etc. If last year is any indication, look for a heck of a lot of cool bikes. :bowdown

So pass the word . Climb on your scooter, jump in your car, hop on the bus or what ever it takes, just come out and have a good time!
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