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2 changes to my......

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bike. I did these all about a month ago, but never posted so here they are, nothing big just little things that I liked.

Pic 1- with sticker no sliders
Pic 2- close up of sticker, ignore the SBN part, I was trying to prove a point awhile back
Pics 3, 4, and 5- no stickers w/ sliders.

As I said nothing major at all just things that I felt like changing....I am thinking of stripping away the silver sticker at the very bottom of the fairing that says Yamaha


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might as well chrome the rest of it! looks sharp..
Looks soo much better without those asian letter stickers on it those just made it look flamerish :gay Now it looks great though. Lucky guy... :cool:
Looks good man. I think it would look good if you removed the Yamaha from the bottom, but it does not look bad either. Much better without the asian sticker crap on there though!
i'd like it better if you put the rest of the yamaha stripes back on the sides.. it makes the ends of the stripes on the tank look out of place.

and a d&d?? that thing must be LOUD!
If you decide to remove the "yamaha" at the bottom, I suggest that you go ahead and paint the tank solid red.
I am curious as to why you had an 'ai' sticker on your bike. Bikes simply aren't the sort of thing that make me think of a romantic relationship ('ai' = 'love')
the bike looks good
i love the frame! the guy before spent time on it. now you just need to ride it! i'm sure your parents work sometime during the day...
Get rid of that sticker on the bottom. I like clean bikes WAY better than stickered up crap. Good job, just keep looking for ways to improve it!
You have a permit. Great! All you need now is the starter bike.
I might be removing that lower Yamaha one and the previous owner is the one who put the asian character on it. The pipe is insanely loud IMO.

Thanks for the feedback :)
Man! If I had one of those when I was fifteen I'd be dead twenty-five years now.

That is alot of responsibility, be careful.
Nice bike bro, would look 100x better without the stripes on the tank, and a single seat cowl.

I'd advise you to not take eskimo boys advice too.
Not a bad looking bike, all the polish/chrome isn't really my style though. I agree with what others have said lose the stickers, makes the bike look more clean.


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HAHAHA fire fighter, nice pic.

I am looking into a seat cowl actually, I am also trying to think what would be the best way to take the top stickers off........
To remove the stickers I suggest goo gone, it's safe to use on paint, won't hurt the clear coat either. Get a bottle of "Goo Gone" put a fair amount on a rag and wipe around the edges of the sticker, loosens it up real nice, then just slowly peel. All the leftover adhesive will go away real easily with Goo Gone. It's great stuff!
Thanx for the reccomendation, I will have to give it a try :)
on my tank it was different. i didnt use that stuff so i dont know if it will work. since we are paintin my bike we first used sand paper then found it eaiser to use a razor to get it off. of course it f'd up the paint, but then again we are paintin the bike!
Great new avater Eskimo, lol

I think I will give the Goo Gone a try, I might pick up a bottle tomorrow.......
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