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bought a 2000 zx6r had to put it up for 6 months didnt really get to take any fairings off just rode it , ran fine. has alot of miles on it. Back to the problem.

after takeing off the left fairing, i noticed around the bottom right hand side of the engine. top right corner of oil pan.. that its leaking oil.. not really like drippping out but that whole corner and everything on the right bottom side has oil on it... i know you guys cant tell what it is without looking so ill snap some pics... but what im asking is if there is any problems with the zx6r 2000's that were similar to this and it might be a easy answer.. if there arnt. im already getting pictures up. and waiting on the manual..

btw never messed with a sportbike before... worked on one harley and cars my whole life.. sorry if i seem a little retarded about all of this as i dont have the manual yet =(

all help greatly appreciated... btw i used search function for 2000 zx6r before posting question incase it was already answered. didnt find anything.
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