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This is for a 99 R1. Bike is in very good condition. Rides just as good now as it did when they pushed off of the show room floor for me. Many mods have been done to it since I've had it.

Yoshi RS3 full stainless steel system
Stage 3 jet kit
K&N air filter
Air box mod for better airflow
2001 Gas tank
2003 rear tail section
Chrome Rims
Barnett Clutches
After Market Sprockets
Harris (R1) Grips
Michilin H2's front and rear
Super White front bulbs
Upper fairing mirrors blocked

This bike is very clean. Bike has 23,793 miles on her and is mechanically SOUND! Maintnance always kept up (Oil changed every 3,000 miles) Only used Motul 5000 Technosynthesis. Mainly used as a weekend rider. Haven't been riding it much at all lately due to my new love (4wheeling!!!) Bike pretty much just sits in the garage and gets dusty.


1 - 7 of 7 Posts