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-13,xxx miles
-new rear tire 2500miles ago
-new front tire 4000 miles ago
-fresh oil change (did it today)
was dropped on both sides by previous owner from a standstill (only cosmetic damage)
-cracked upper fairing...but still holds together fine
-emission tested in June, and tags are good for another year.
now the bad....
due to my financial predicament, i cant afford to fix the bike. every once in awhile, 1 of the plugs gets fouled out while riding, but somehow fixes itself after sitting for a few hours :confused:
and i dont know if its the thermostat or what, but the bike likes to run hot during the daytime. (then again, i could be the 110degree temps here in AZ).
i really need this bike gone (rent payment/school), so i will entertain ANY offers. im asking $1800, but feel free to shoot any offer. email me at [email protected] or gimme a call 623-330-4772. thanks


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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