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maintenance on a kaw zx7-r

ok sorry about all the bull crap post i was making about what bike i wanted to buy went i went with a 1995 kaw zx7-r has been Ported and Polished, Carburetor Jetted for MUZZY Exhaust , Stage 1, 30 over,
so far its nice and strong has 18000 miles i paid 2200 chrome frame nice paint very strong and fast special for older bike anyhow i have two questions i hope this is the right spot for these questions"
when i really get on the gas hard there is some flames coming out of the tail pipe i really hammered it and could see the flames but just riding normaly and going through the gears nothing what is this ? ? please help

also the speedo is not working could it just be the cable the rpms gage is working and also the temp gage is workign fine thanks in advance for the info

and sorry about the gramer and no periods lol
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