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well folks the time has come for me to move on from my beloved 900RR I think......on to something else!!!

1995 CBR900RR, black/purple/yellow w/23K miles. two brothers full system(I also have the full stock system and a SS2R slip on that goes with it), Factory pro APK, barnet clutch springs, and 15T front sprocket are about the only performance mods. does have the rear signals integrated and flush mounts inside the gills on the tail(I have the stock ones as well), gel grips, carbon fiber triple tree cover, LP speed screen(have stock also), and that is all I can think of. regulator/rectifier was replaced last year and the forks were redone as well. tires have maybe 1000 miles on them. brakes and wheel bearings done at the same time. if your concerned with 1/4 mile times I did have it to the track a time or 2. my personal best was [email protected] and my buddy ran it 2 times and got a [email protected] this was with just the pipe and no jetting. I also have a dyno sheet and it put 114HP to the rear wheel.

I have owned the bike since new and it has never been down. it's not mint, or perfect but it is far from a ragged out stunt bike.....I have done the occasional wheelie, but I'm not very good at them so the bike was not stunted.

anyway I personally think it is worth more but I found something else I want so would like to sell this quick so I would like to get $3500 for it in hopes that would sell it quick without giving it away. email is [email protected] and phone is 608-290-2214

here is pictures of it.

yeah you can even have this cool jacket with the bike.
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