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I own a 1980 GS 1000 and I am having problems with the bike getting fuel. I replaced the fuel lines and took apart the fuel petcock. I believe the problem has something to do with the vaccum. Does anyone have any expereince with this?

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Narrow things down.

Disconnect the fuel line and put the petcock on prime. Does fuel come out? If so, fill the carbs.

The vacuum comes from the nipple on the #2 carb. Run the engine and put your finger on that nipple. You should feel it suck. Reconnect the vacuum hose to the petcock leaving the fuel line disconnected. Does fuel come out when the engine runs? If not, there's your problem.

The hose could be old and leaky, I find the ends start to split first. Take it to an auto parts store and they'll have a replacement for a couple bucks. The petcock diaphragm could be damaged, you can get a rebuild kit. There are also people who put in manual fuel valves, but personally I'd rebuild it and keep it automatic.
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