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'09 DOT Race Tire Shootout

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It's a great read!

2009 DOT Race Motorcycle Tire Shootout - Street Tires Review - Motorcycle USA

Tires Tested:
-Dunlop Sportmax GP-A
-Michelin Power ONE
-Bridgestone 003
-Pirelli DSC
-Avon Extreme

I really want to try the Dunlop GP-A next season. Seems like a really good tire.
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I agree with Oreo, riding/racing a lower Hp bike will teach you much more quickly about corner speed - and for ALOT less cost! For a lesser experienced rider/racer on the track riding a higher Hp bike is almost always more about accelerating on the straights and parking it in the turns (as compared to a lower Hp bike), it might be exciting to be able to accelerate hard - but don't you already get that thrill on the street? Being on a road course is more about developing corner speed and consistency, higher Hp (for lesser experienced riders) is more about straight line acceleration, not developing corner speed, so why not go to a Drag Strip instead?

I understand that many people at Track Days just want to take their street bike out on a race track, and that's why their riding a GSXR 1000 when they start out doing Track Day's, but it's difficult to offer advice to people in that situation. I've definitely reached a point where I now look at people as either serious about wanting to learn to go fast on a race track (in other words their willing to do whatever is required to get fast on the track - even if that means getting a different and/or devoted track bike), or they just want to go out on the track and have some fun. Why does it matter? Because the advice myself and others give may vary based on which group we interpret them as being in - the more serious group, or the fun group. That situation sucks because if myself or someone like Oreo gives advice in a thread to someone just looking to have fun we can often be questioned as to that advice by those who are truely interested in going really fast (because the advice can be different). Of course the opposite situation can be true as well, where advice to someone looking to go racing could be somewhat different and questioned by someone just looking to have fun. An example would be the Power to Weight Ratio thread I created in the Track Time 101 section, that's aimed more at those looking to push really hard on a race track and use the upper capability of their bike. Of course most people can back off the throttle and survive on the track with excessive power, but that's alot different of a situation than actually squeezing as much as you can out of your bikes capability.

Best of luck with what ever you choose to do. :)
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