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'09 DOT Race Tire Shootout

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It's a great read!

2009 DOT Race Motorcycle Tire Shootout - Street Tires Review - Motorcycle USA

Tires Tested:
-Dunlop Sportmax GP-A
-Michelin Power ONE
-Bridgestone 003
-Pirelli DSC
-Avon Extreme

I really want to try the Dunlop GP-A next season. Seems like a really good tire.
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Great article, that really helps with the question of what tires are best on the track. I plan on putting my bike through alot of track time after Iraq and tires are one of my biggest concerns, I want the best set up possible. Also hope to buy a 2007 Yamaha R1 soon, which will be my primary track bike.
Cool, bro. Have you ridden on the track much yet?

If pure acceleration is all you're after though, by all means, go for the R1.
But if you want to really learn the craft and hone your skills, an SV650 or something like that will make a much better learning tool.

That's assuming you haven't got much track time under your belt yet. If you do, forgive me. Either way, it's your call... just trying to pass on some experienced wisdom. :)

I have been riding for years, but I do got to admit, I dont have much track time just alot of street riding. I did get some track time in on a buddies R1 though and my FZ1 and got it down good (not an expert by any means though). I will look into your advice and appreciate it. How much track time do you usually get, just wondering? Any advice you or anyone that rides the track alot wants to give please feel free, it would be appreciated, I really want to get into the track.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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