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2007-2008 Honda CBR600RR Rearset Kit Basic


These 2 position adjustable rearsets are made from aircraft qualilty billet Aluminum and feature a custom shift pedal that allows for either standard or GP shifting. They move the footpegs 3/4" back and offer either 1/2"up or 1" up peg positions. The CFM pedal allows riders to not only eliminate the heavy kisckstand mount bracket for racing, but also to utilize a shifter that moves in the same arc as your foot, making shifting much more comfortable.
This kit assumes that you have the OEM rearsets, as it reuses some of the mounting hardware. They are upgradeable at any time to utilize the CFM billet brake pedal. As is they use the stock brake pedal.

I have one set left at this price, they will go quick. If you are interested shoot me a email [email protected] or PM
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