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06 speed with 7k miles . i bought this already with a rebuilt title from a guy in KY . The bike had a bunch of small things thrown together on the bike . I bought it and brought it back home and nursed it back to a pretty nice bike. its a good looking bike +/- some small things that dont bother me but might someone else . the bike rides good , pulls strong , and runs like it should.
heres the skinny
7k miles
back tire Metzler(M3) with around 1k miles on it , the front was on it when i bought it and still looks good Metzler (m1)
triumph gel seat
renthal bars
m4 slipon exhaust
bmc filter
new brake pads front and rear
rear wave rotor uninstalled .
tech spec gripsters, needs new chain (strecthed) and the wave rotor put on the back
i rode the bike to the speed triple rally a few weeks back in king,nc. i put 900 miles on the bike in 23 hrs. with no problems . call 615-390-7867 or email me at [email protected]

P.S. If you have ever seen , heard , or rode a speed triple in person . Its everything you would hope to have in a bike ......PERIOD!:bowdown
The only reason its for sale is because i havent had a job in 3 months bills are stacking up and i have nothing left to sell. :bitchslap
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