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firefighter81 said:
OK, maybe this is just me, but it seems like if the keep remodeling the bike every 2 years they are never gonna work our all the bugs and make a truley solid/well-made bike. I'm not saying they are lacking in quality/performance, just that there are always slight jitters in the first couple years of a remodel, and it seems like at this rate they will never get those all worked out.
There are not that many things to work out well at least not for Yamaha. Not a slam aganst the others but this time they are playing catchup and had to release som not so polished bikes to keep in the running.. The last time there were any serious first year bugs in the yamahas was the R1 in 98 and possibily a few with the first R6 that I missed. They were probabily working on the 04 R1 before the 02 was done being designed.
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