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So, two weeks ago, I bought a 2004 GSX-R750 with 1900 (!!) original miles on her, blue and white. The bike is completely stock, aside from frame sliders. I've done the obvious, like change oil and filter, and put new rubber on last week (BTO16s, fantastic, not in photo), and added a double bubble screen.

I bought a set of Galfer lines for the front, and am going to change f/r brake fluid, too. What pads and fluid are y'all running?

She's gonna see the track here shortly, along with my "sporty," backroads pace.

The bike has 2883 miles on her now....most from last weekend! Hot - and love it. If y'all have other suggestions for mods, especially handling and perhaps comfort, I'm interested. I probably won't do much to the motor in the near term - maybe a slip-on and and aftermarket air filter at some point.

Thank you!




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