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Sorta, there are a billion and a half CBR600's out there. F4's and F4i's everywhere. I just don't see many of Hondas big hitters around much. I very rarely ever see any RC51's, 954RR's, 1000RR's, or CBR1100XX's anywhere. But there's no shortage of R1's or GSX-R 1000's. Hell, I pulled over yesterday and gave a GSX-R 1000 guy a push start on the side of the road.
-At least around here there is a TON of F4i's and several 600RR's. The majority though, are the R6.
600 frequency:
A few older ZX-6. Not many 636's or 750's around.

For literbikes, this is what I see:
GSX-R (nearly half of the liter bikes in any given ride)
R1 (especially now that the new R1 with undertail is out)
CBR900/929 (a favorite with wheelie monsters)
Very few kawi's, 900/1000 or otherwise

For awhile, everyone had 954's, but now I can't find a 954 anywhere. As much as I want an RC51, I figured I'd get a used 954 as they were a dime a dozen- but not only is no one riding them, but none are up for sale.

Unless you're a AMA superbike racer, the difference between the Gixxer and CBR is nothing you'll even notice in terms of potential performance. Track times are worthless. First, it's someone else's lap time, not yours. Secondly, the magazines use this statistic as if it wasn't hinged on a multitude of factors. Like every lap they turn is perfect and any difference in lap times is because of the bike when really, it's much more likely to be up to the pilot.

I like the 1000RR of the two better. Styling, nifty undertail, and supposedly street friendly linear power. I've always liked Honda's attention to detail.
Nothing wrong with the Gixxer at all, just the details I dislike. Never cared for the styling and the stacked headlights kinda look like a flaccid schlong in shorts. Their graphics aren't for me at all. And of course, with so many around, you're bound to mistake someone else's for yours.

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versaco said:
I am really getting into wheelies and stunts and some of my buds tell me that the Honda has a better balance point for wheelies.
If you're looking to stunt, none of the new liter bikes should even be glanced at...All of the big 4 have increased HP, lowered weight, and stiffened suspension...I assume they did this to increase performance at both the track and on the street...I'm yet to read an article about any of the four that has 12 oclock friendliness in the comparo...

I live in Florida, and stunters are a dime a dozen...The majority of them ride an older CBR 900RR or older gixxer 750...Watch any stunt vid and you'll see the sheer numbers of 900RR's...
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