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Hey everyone!

Just need a bit of advice on this one..

This issue only seems to be happening when I give the bike full throttle, or if my RPMs are very high.

Let's say I'm in second gear and I give the bike full throttle. Around 6k RPMs the bike jumps a little, but keeps going. Feels like there is a surge in power for half a second. It basically does this through all the gears if I'm utilizing 100% throttle. It doesn't feel like a gear slip or clutch slip or anything...

I'm still a new rider, so, I'm not used to the speed yet, but, the other day I was out on the highway, dropped from 6th to 3rd, then went full power. Felt like it was jerking around the RPMs. Didn't want to commit to full acceleration.

I did have the entire clutch assembly replaced today, brand new.

Next thing I'm doing tomorrow is putting in new spark plugs and all that... so we'll see.

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