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Hi all, great site here lot's of info and I have been searching for hours but haven't really found the info that I'm looking for.

I am not a new rider and currently have another bike which has been down for over three months, accident and upgrade rebuild including custom paint.
Edit; accident was caused by kids in a PU Truck riding on the wrong side of the road in a blind curve. I saw them before they saw me and it was hood or woods. I took the woods.

Anyway I am looking for a secondary/backup bike. Looking at a couple different bikes but first some info about one in particular.

An '02 750 Katana, it has been layed down, apparently once on each side, but neither cause a lot of damage, currently only some scrapes on the fairing, all externals have been repaired or still intact.
Bike has < 6500 miles, start easily and runs smooth. I fit well on the bike and the more upright position suits my bad back vs. the fwd lean of some others.

Test rides have been easy handling and uneventful.

Cosmetically, it's got some rust spots on the forks and rotors and oxidation on the wheels.
Bike belongs to a neighbor and we live next to a Salty Marsh and the bike sits more than it's run.
Hence the reason it's being sold.

Neighbor is asking 28K. NADA say's +- 24-31K.

Please, what are your thought's on the Katana in general and this bike and price in particular.


PS here's a current pic of my other bike which has required an almost complete rebuild, from the frame up.


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