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2001 ZX-9R

I just picked up a new bike (03' Aprilla Tuono) and I've toyed with the idea of keeping both the 9R and the Tuono but my home life will be ALOT smoother if I stick with one so I am going to offer the 9R for sale.

It has a little less than 15K miles on the clock. Valve adjustment oil changes etc... all done on schedule. I just had Koup's hook it up to the dyno in late June, to check out the air/fuel mixture. It pulled 138.74 hp and needed no adjustments.

I'm asking $5500. Here is a list of the additional items included at that price:

* Full Akro exhaust
* Ivan jet kit * +4 Ignition advance
* Fren Tubo SS brake lines
* -1 front sprocket.
* Toby Dampner

* Corbin Seat
* Heli Bars
*Lockhart 360 superpole pegs

* Pyramid carbon fiber hugger.
* Desault undertail
* Targa seat cowl. Signed by Eric Bostrom
* Power Bronze double bubble wind screen
* Custom engine mounted frame sliders (pass through coolant bottle)


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