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History: Replaced clutch plates with OEM plates, bleed line, resealed clutch cover due to leak.

Rode fine while cold, no leaks (kept stopping to check)...but once the bike got warmed up (not hot overheating, but normal operating temp) the clutch started slipping and then it gave up the ghost...I could put the bike in any gear and release the lever and it just idles like it's in neutral.

I sat around, talked to a buddy on the phone for about 35 minutes and then rode home. Bike was fine.

There are now no leaks, Mobil 1 15w50 oil, new K&N Filter, new clutch plates.

Local mechanic type has suggested that there is still air in the clutch line (we had to do some reverse bleeding from the clutch plate side to remove air) and when the engine warms up, air expands and opens the clutch.

Problem is I have bleed the line like crazy from the top...nothing but fluid. Is there some special way I should be bleeding the line to get the air that is past the bleeder valve?

Anyone have thoughts before Vickery gets to do their worst to me?
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