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  1. Performance and Customizing
    Can I put an R6 rear wheel on my FZ6R? My main reason for doing so is so that I can put a larger rear sprocket. I have a 54T on it now, but I'm looking for a 60T+. Any idea if it will work and what I will have to change?
  2. General Sportbikes
    Hey I found a tube hanging underneath my fuel tank. Do I have to visit a mechanic or is it something that all bikes have in general. If it is something that all bikes have in general, what is it for ?
  3. Help Me Fix It
    So my issue started after letting my bike sit for about a year. Every month I’d drive it around the block to keep the battery charged, but no further. Last week, after trying to start, the bike wouldn’t budge. The starter would click, fuel pump would prime and engine would crank but it still...
  4. Open Forums
    I have a 2014 fz6r that will turn on when cold but will die after a rev and wont turn back on again until it is cold again it will run for a while if i drive it real slow ive only changed the soark plugs but made no difference what should i do?
  5. FZ6/FZ6R Mods
    So I’ve done some checking around, maybe not to hard, but I’m really interested in putting full front fairings on my 2006 fz6. And also a solo seat mod like the one pictured here. Does anyone have any current and up to date links on any of these items or where I might acquire them?
  6. Help Me Fix It
    I got a 2002 R6 about a month ago. I replaced the stator and rectifier last week as they were bad, and found out the neutral switch went bad after that. The bike would crank, but there was no spark. I grounded the neutral sensor, and it started up. Stalled once, but started right back up. Went...
  7. Help Me Fix It
    Hey everyone, First time posting, I searched through and couldn’t find is issue quite like the one I’m having. Thanks for taking the time to help me out! Issue- (See Link below for video) After being parked for 5 months, my battery was dead. I tried to jump it with my car (engine off), after...
  8. Blog
    Hey every one my name is Jason and I'm currently being sponsored by and I own a beautiful Yamaha R1 and am currently in the middle of starting a club in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Anyway this is a video of the first item that I received by
1-8 of 8 Results