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  1. Gear Reviews
    The helmet is the most important safety item when riding our motorcycle. But, what aspects are important when choosing your motorcycle helmet? Is a cheap or expensive motorcycle helmet better? I have written a guide about the aspects to take into account. I hope it will help some beginner bikers...
  2. Riders Gear
    Long story short, my grandfather passed June of last year. In the following months I received a few items which i’ve been able to identify-all except the helmet. Please look at the images attached and if you have an idea of what model/year/etc. it is, I’d greatly appreciate a comment.
  3. General Sportbikes
    So i dont want to make this too long. But my father passed away when i was 2. And liked to ride motorcycles. I recently got my first bike (02 gsxr 750) and have been enjoying it. Im going to get new fairings for it (the stock blue and white ones). I noticed in this picture of my dad he has a...
  4. Blog
    IRONMAN DOT Helmet.. Looks fun!
1-4 of 4 Results