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  1. Performance and Customizing
    Can I put an R6 rear wheel on my FZ6R? My main reason for doing so is so that I can put a larger rear sprocket. I have a 54T on it now, but I'm looking for a 60T+. Any idea if it will work and what I will have to change?
  2. Open Forums
    I have a 2014 fz6r that will turn on when cold but will die after a rev and wont turn back on again until it is cold again it will run for a while if i drive it real slow ive only changed the soark plugs but made no difference what should i do?
  3. FZ6/FZ6R
    I can’t get this thing out for my life I tried wd 40, I tried using force, used hammer to try to knock the hold off, even tried to drill the screw to get it out but the drill bit can’t go through it for some reason, any help please? I need to get this thing off so I can paint my rear fender.
1-3 of 3 Results