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  1. Help Me Fix It
    I have an f4i for stunting and I cooked the engine the bike was running 100% but it would over heat so I took that engine out and put another 1 I got of my buddy and now I have no spark can anyone help me out here ? Would some of the wires might of got broke when I had the loom off? Iv changed...
  2. Performance and Customizing
    Hey, in the SC area Bought a 2003 cbr600 really amazing deal, runs amazing, only issue is that it’s a track bike and not street legal, what all do I have to do it to make it street legal?
  3. Blog
    Okay, so I just bought my first bike. It is a 2003 Honda CBR 600rr. I bought the bike lowered with the lowering kit AKA dog bone? (pic below) I'm 5 feet even. I still tippy toe while sitting on the bike and I already did lost my balance once. I want to lower it at least one more inch so I can...
1-3 of 3 Results