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Daytona 600 / 650

What supersports machine has a race-bred chassis offering direct, uncut connectivity and a thrilling engine spinning out a maelstrom of power and torque, wrapped in a distinct, seductive form?
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Speed Four

A sporty, middleweight motorcycle has to perform in many environments - from racetrack to city street and winding back road, perhaps in one day. And the Speed Four has been built not just to perform.
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Speed Triple

To become a true icon is no easy feat. But from its very first incarnation over a decade ago the Speed Triple assumed just that status, mixing a primal three-cylinder core with sporting ability and an aggressive, stripped-down stance.
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Sprint ST

Life is full of compromises, as are many motorcycles. The Sprint ST, thankfully, doesn't have to make any. It's a sports bike that covers miles, a touring bike that carves corners with a truly usable mix of poise, power and all-round practicality.
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Daytona 955i

The Daytona 955i has proved, over the years and miles, that balance is everything. With large amounts of horsepower comes the need for finesse.
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Daytona 675

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