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GixxersRule 03-21-2015 04:32 PM

TPS Code but it's not the TPS...
OK, I'm at a loss here. I've been struggling with this issue for over a year now. Last year I kept getting the C14 error code on my 07 1000. I kept adjusting it and adjusting it then eventually replaced it with a used, good one. Still no luck. I took it to a dealer and all they did is adjust it and it ran great all season (last season.) Well this year after about a week of riding the issue came back. It'd start stuttering around 5K in the first few gears and then eventually did that in every gear in multiple spots then kick off the C14 code once I came to a stop. So this year I said no more fucking around, I'm buying a new, OEM TPS. I got that put on and adjusted yesterday. I get the bike running and warmed up, get all my gear on, ready to go beat on it see what's up...didn't even get out of the damn driveway and it popped on! Well it's obviously NOT the TPS. So what else would cause this error?? I did try a used, good ECU last year as well when I was fighting with it. I might try switching that out again. I also bought a whole throttle body off of Ebay that I might try as well. I just figure I'll throw this out there to see if anybody has any ideas. This thing has 80,000 on it now so...bout time for some stupid, suck ass problem like this I spose.

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