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Balance. I'm an old guy and consider lifting the front tire to show a lack of skill. Sorta. I rode trials in the early 70's where riding on the back tire was required. But we used modified dirt bikes, with huge rear sprockets. You can lift the front tire on anything. Showing my ass to a neighbors 10 year old I 'wheelied' his pit bike down the block. Balance. If you cannot stand on the pegs and lift the front end off the ground at any speed, in any gear, you need to work out more. as far as the front end coming up in normal, ride around town stuff, why? Every pony you use to lift your front is one less pony to drive you forward. Horsepower doesn't do you any good until it hits the ground.
It is better to 'float' a gear then shift while the front is up. You float a gear by relaxing your grip on the throttle and when the throttle spring starts to close the throttle, shift. Don't touch that clutch. I heard they have devices that will do this today. I've been doing it for over 40 years and see no need to spend money to add weight.

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