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CBR300R Wheelie, Impossible in second gear?

I have watched the video of myself doing it to understand the bike and how it works. At 7500+ rpm the bike picks up fairly well and just needs a bit more to get to balance point. When I land the wheelie I am roughly going 20mph. I have read that some people shift while in the wheelie to get to 2nd... if this is the case I could try that once I am more comfortable. I have attempted to use the same technique as first gear but it doesnt seem to be working for 2nd. That said, I am normally at a 20mph start when in second gear. I could attempt to go from 13 or 14mph and rev the handle to 9000rpm and drop the clutch, this might pick the bike up in second. Thoughts are welcome, as long as they are not "get another bike" cause thats not what I want to do, otherwise I wouldt be posting this here.
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