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My testament to the EX500/Ninja 500/GPZ500

I love the 500. It's such an old design that pretty much anything developed in the 90's or later feels better. But it's still a great bike and will teach you how to ride. Enough power to scare you at first (probably) but its not like you crack it wfo on accident and hit 100 mph out of nowhere. It has the perfect balance of cheapness, ease to work on, forgiveness of mistakes, speed, and handling for a beginner to learn. It's not super reliable (it's pretty reliable though), but it's easy enough to fix and stuff that breaks or goes wrong is usually trivial. Like the speedo cable WILL fall out, the carbs WILL become clogged, you'll NEED to change the clutch springs, etc. It's not super forgiving, but enough so that you definitely realize when you goof'd and you know how to prevent it or correct it better next time. It handles surprisingly well but you aren't going to be dragging knees. It's fast enough to bring into realization what it means on the street to go from 0 to 100+ mph in a quarter mile. (if you've never driven/ridden anything with a power/weight ratio close to single digits)

Money can't buy happiness. But... It can buy a Motorcycle. And you can't be sad on a motorcycle...
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