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Originally Posted by mpusch View Post
Holy thread revival

I think you've seen my thread on EX500, but I don't know what those times equate to for 0-60 times. My best was around 2 flat 60 ft.

My personal technique for launching might be different than others. For the 500, I don't hold the rpms at 7-8k before the light. Instead, I keep revs pretty low, then crank the throttle (near full throttle)) right before I start slipping the clutch. This way, I ensure I'm full throttle as quickly as possible, which is ok on a relatively low power bike like the 500. End result is after the first couple feet I'm skipping the front tire through most of first gear when I do it right.

Also, if you haven't learned yet, practice clutchless upshifting.
I tend to search forums first lol. Found this so I revived it haha. Thanks for the advice. I have seen your thread haha. I was clutchless shifting in that vid. I asked on EX500 and FOG said it takes practice, I was doing fine, and to take it a little over 10 grand. I've used your technique before too. Obviously a stop watch isn't the most accurate. I'd need to go to the track and launch a few times and compare 60 ft times.

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