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Originally Posted by mangosmoothie16 View Post
Bringing this back from the dead... Hopefully someone sees this.

I did 2 attempts at launching. It was shamefully squidfully on the street. There isn't a track very close. I know better but oh well... I need to learn to launch so I can go up against my friends Mustang Mach1. His best was a 12.09 so I anticipate losing but I want to be as close as possible.

Attempt 1

Attempt 2, skip to like 0:35

My 0-60 is in the mid-high 4 range. I thought these Ninja 500's were like 3.9-4.2 I'm 130 lbs in gear so it's not weight. Elevation is about 700-800 feet and it was 90 degrees. I don't know how to launch it any better. Now, I am trying to shift at or before 10k (because I heard cranks on the 500 like to snap if you rev it higher) so that could also be the reason its slower. Anyone have any tips for me please?
Holy thread revival

I think you've seen my thread on EX500, but I don't know what those times equate to for 0-60 times. My best was around 2 flat 60 ft.

My personal technique for launching might be different than others. For the 500, I don't hold the rpms at 7-8k before the light. Instead, I keep revs pretty low, then crank the throttle (near full throttle)) right before I start slipping the clutch. This way, I ensure I'm full throttle as quickly as possible, which is ok on a relatively low power bike like the 500. End result is after the first couple feet I'm skipping the front tire through most of first gear when I do it right.

Also, if you haven't learned yet, practice clutchless upshifting.

Yes you'll lose if the stang is putting down a 12. I was up in the 13.7 range when I went, though with some practice (and the fact that you're a bit lighter than me) I'd bet you could be around 13.5.

Edit: just watched your videos. Seemed like you had a pretty decent launch, though you let the revs drop kinda low to almost 5k in the first vid.

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