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Originally Posted by withoutequal View Post
This is the issue im having as well. I mean they are solid all day in rain,cold, hot, but im using all the tire to the edge. I know my Body postion is on point, as confirmed by video, pictures, and NESBA CRs. Im thinking the tires profile maybe the culprit. Anyone running this tire in high I group or low A group? Thinking of going with the Q3 just for the more pointy profile, more so for more tire edge. Its a shame, because i have ran quite a few sets of the S20s, and i love them. They may only be good up to a certain level.
I would expect to use a front tire to the edge under trail braking.

My BT016 was very peaky when new and I used it to the edge on the street.

The S20 on the street still has a 1/4 inch strip after a spirited ride.
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