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Originally Posted by Shinigami View Post
I don't visit this site as often as I should but this thread caught my eye as it was timely.

Have been riding for many years, about 120,000 miles as of this writing.

My experience after 30,000 miles on my 07 CBR600RR (bought new in 2008) finds the S20 to be the best tire overall for me. I do almost exclusively weekend canyon carving with the CBR and ride a VFR during the week, for commuting and after-work canyon runs. I have some of the best canyon riding in the West right by my home.

Since 2008 on the CBR, I have run 3 sets of Dunlop Qualifiers (OEM and two sets of the aftermarket version), three sets of Michelin Power 2CT, two sets of Q2's and am now on my third set of S20's.

For perspective, my suspension is stock, professionally set up, and I am considered an aggressive rider.

In retrospect the Qualifiers were never good for me, after a couple of thousand miles they would acquire a "pyramid" shape, almost concave at the sides and when they got really warm, they got a "greasy" feel. Never had one step out on me, just a poor feel overall. Kind of soured me on Dunlops for a while.

Had better results with the 2CT's, but wear was rapid and they would acquire the same "pyramid" shape over time. Very uncertain feel after a couple thousand miles.

Then the Q2. Compared to what I had run previously the Q2's were a revolution. Sharp turn-in, good line holding, good feel from the front- but they wear on the rear was fairly rapid and the front had a similar wear issue as the others. With my second set, I had the bike step out of line in slightly damp conditions numerous times, a real confidence killer.

On the positive side the Q2's had plenty of lean left in them- I never touched the last 1/4" of the rear tire edges on either set.

When I got my first set of S20's the first thing I noticed was how smoothly and easily the bike turned in (opposite of the opinion that opened this thread). Wear was totally even and the front tire felt the same through it's entire useful lifespan. Same with the second set, extremely even wear and 90% of the original profile remained on the front after 3500 miles. Never any issue in wet weather.

I do use the ENTIRE side of the rear on these- but that's because my average cornering speeds are up to 10 mph faster than with the Q2's. For instance there is a particular 25 mph (suggested, not limited) S-curve on one of the more popular canyons in my area that normally yields a 60-65 mph traverse with the Q2's. 70-75 on this same S-curve is no problem with the S20.

My second set came off today and was replaced with a fresh set. I was amazed (as was my tire tech) when we saw that the tire balanced up with precisely the same weights on the same place on the wheel. Says something about Bridgestone consistency.

I really like the S20, and I think the Q3 will have to be very good indeed for me to go back to Dunlop.
I'm glad to see the turn in is an issue with my setup looks like and not the tire. That was one of my biggest peeves with this tire.

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