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Originally Posted by mpusch View Post
Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm pretty strapped for cash.
riding to a track day is definitely NO JOKE and nothing to be considered lightly. cracking up the bike while you're AT the track day is just the tip of the iceberg. chances are, you'll be fine and won't fall off. the trick will be riding 250 miles home after feeling like you just got your ass beat from riding the track all day.

i have made this promise to myself to aid fellow track riders; if you ride to the track, i will help you go get gas, food, whatever if you're pitted next to me while you're there. i'm sure any serious track rider would do the same.

that said, riding to/from a track day is not really something a new(ish) rider wants to be doing. you are setting yourself up for failure by inviting mr murphy (and his law) to accompany you.

i would recommend trying to find a ride-share or something. you can save money by pitching a tent at the track and camping there. or, just divert money you would've spent anyway into sharing costs with another rider for travel expenses.

but, like i said before; you pit next to me and ride to/from the track, i'll help you out as much as i can. i'll be at grattan for the weekend of 6/8...


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