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Whee! I NEVER carry a pillon. I'm seriously considering taking off the rear pegs. Every Oz. counts. I almost went on a track once. Almost. I had a SECA 900 that I dropped on the way home from the stealership. It felt funny after that so a few months after I sat down with a bud that built frames for Choppers (Custom Harlies) and he built me a new frame. It had a little more trail in it so the 900 was more stable.
That 900 was a monster at corner entry. Braking reduced the trail, which led to rolling in too fast and losing the line. IIRC (it's been about 30 years and memory IS the 2nd thing to go!) we added about 10mm of trail. Anyhow, the bike was very polite after that. Great brakes for the day and With my new frame I could go deeper in the corner before braking and drive harder on exit. The bike was very quick and I used to bully the Suzukis and Kawasakis.
So there was a track day at the local track ( I raced only on the street, Rock Creek Park and out to Brighton Dam mostly) and I had been challenged by a GPz turbo rider. HE only raced on the track. OIL and water thing. So I though I would sneak in a practice ride, since I considered him a better rider and his bike had a little more power. I had bigger 'nads so on the street I win, but on the track it's technique and power.
So I walk into what looks like the lobby to see if they had a list of rules. No rules on the street except stay in front and the 11th commandent. There were 3 or 4 guys standing in front of the counter in tight leather oufits arguing over who got to buy the last 'Brazilian Buns' video, or it's contemporay version. VCR's were state of the art at that time and very shiek. Not my sort of fellows. Good guys, no doubt, the sort that will make sure your drink never gets empty and are willing to push in your stool when you leave but not my type. I left and never looked back.
So I might get my majic 10,000 miles. Haven't ever but hope springs eternal.

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