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Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
Been lurkin' for a couple of days now and I've really enjoyed this forum thus far so here I am!

I have an 03 Nissan 350z. Car payment + premium + insurance = PITA

I've been seriously considering selling it to buy a motorcycle as my only mode of transportation. Looking at something like a ninja 250. Something cheaply priced and cheap to maintain with great gas mileage, but at the same time, it should have some fun factor. A 600 would be nice, but they are more expensive and not as fuel efficient, not to mention I don't know what my insurance would look like with a 600. Any other bike suggestions? Will I get bored with a ninja 250? Here is a ninja I found. 250 Ninja (3K miles)

I've had nothing but discouraging comments made by close friends and family("What if it rains? It's dangerous. It's not practical.") I know that many others have done it before.

I live in Austin and had a bike only for 3 years and it's doable but can be miserable as well. Riding in the rain, riding in the heat, traffic in triple digit temps 'cause yes, lane splitting is illegal in Texas and worst of all, riding in the rain and cold to the point when you get to your destination you and your bike are covered in ice. Ice storm or snow, forget it as you're not going anywhere. Hard rain and you don't want to go anywhere but school/work wont let you slide so you do it. Yes, it can be done but it is far from ideal.

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