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Originally Posted by PCHbreeze View Post
Motorcycles are not cheaper than cars overall. Get a cheaper car if thats your motivation.

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Right- that's what I was saying.

The ONLY exception is the older 250's because tires are so cheap and the chains last FOREVER, and insurance is cheap.

But the cheapness to own it does NOT offset the added aggravation of not owning a car, IMO.

My wife rides her bike A)because she loves to ride B)because it's as cheap as any econo car C)because it was 500 bucks D) because a car permit for her campus is 325 a year and a bike one is 17 E) car parking is a half mile from her lab. Bike parking is 20 yards

If not for the above, it's not worth having it as an only vehicle. You HAVE to be committed.

Someone like PhilB on here did it for a LONG time. But he lived in socal, his wife had a car, and he'd been riding long enough to know that he could do it. If you've never owned a bike before.... then what if you don't like having to deal with it every day?

I know I'd fucking blow my brains out if I had to ride my bike every day. I remember I was doing work on my car one time for like two weeks and rode my bike every day because of that. It was fucking awful.

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