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Originally Posted by Hyena View Post
Hehe yes, I do live in Dallas. The weather isn't THAT bad! It's 61 degrees right now. But yes it can be unpredictable.

I learned to ride on a 250 ninja a friend had. Planned on getting my M endorsement at the time, but other things came up and I didn't get the chance.

I figure insurance would be high. I have 2 at faults and 1 other claim on my record(Parking brake didn't engage all the way. Car rolled into lamp post with cement base. Apparently still counts cause it's collision.) as well as a speeding ticket. Speeding ticket was taken care of by defensive driving course.

I don't act a fool in my Z mainly because I cannot afford to. Gas kills and a a new set of tires would find me asking for change on the street corner.
Maybe it's just the difference of North Dallas then.. I was in Richardson, Plano, Frisco area. Still compared to here in SoCal, it's bad out there!

Mmmmm yeah... 2 at faults with your age will get it up there... But 250 shouldn't be that high. If it is, consider a cruiser. Cheaper insurance(probably half), still lots of fun and at least you'll be on 2 wheels to start off.

Even if you can borrow family car from time to time, I know how a STORM comes out of nowhere in TX and you might get stuck somewhere for a while without a chance to pick up a car. Def get an old civic or something. I have a 96 beater and still runs like a champ!

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