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Call up an insurance agent and get a quote. It's not hard. They'll tell you exactly what you would have to pay for certain bikes.

But here's the deal. Insurance on bikes CAN be cheap on a 250. But if you DO move up, it won't be cheap until you've been riding for several years. Assuming you go to a supersport.

Tires. Tires don't last more than about 10k miles, and they are not particularly cheap. On a 250, though- you're looking at about 65-70 bucks each. Not terrible. But supersport tires are quite a bit more. About 300 for the set.

Gas mileage will be around 60-65 mpg on a 250. On a 600SS, closer to 40. Big difference.

Then you have to replace the chain and sprockets periodically. About 150 bucks, give or take. Only every couple of years.

And then you have to buy gear. If you ride all year, you need SEVERAL sets of gear. And then luggage, so you can actually use the bike to run to the store and stuff. Plan on needing at least 2 grand or so worth of gear/luggage in the first year. It'll last you for a LONG time, but you won't want to ride in the rain without rain gear, or in cold weather without cold weather gear.

The bike you posted looks like a pretty damn good deal. Maybe offer 1300 and see what happens.

The reason I broke down the prices, though.... a ninja 250 is one of the only bikes that can actually save you money over a car. With a supersport, you get a little better mileage, but the tire costs and insurance and other maintenance offset that.

With something like the Z, you'd be breaking even, more or less. If you drove a civic, it would be cheaper to keep that then to get a bike.

So yeah- a 250 over a 350Z will cost you less in the end to operate. How much less? Depends on how much you drive. At least you wouldn't be making car payments.

BUT- unless you have close friends/roommates/family around that have a car you can borrow from time to time, having a bike as an only vehicle is VERY hard to do. There's a lot of times where you just need a car.

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