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Originally Posted by kevinwilly View Post
Not if the battery was totally dead. A bike without an alternator on it won't idle with a dead battery.... they don't make enough juice below 3k rpm to stay running.

I mean- the battery was definitely dead. Whether or not that's his ONLY problem is another story.
+1, 000

also, have had experience with a "new" battery being bad too. if you don't have a voltmeter - GET ONE!!!! you can find out so much about the health of an electrical system with a voltmeter, it's worth it's weight in gold!!! got my first one when i used to race R/C cars (back in the 80's). i still have it but it's joined by 3 others. i do NOT want to be without one.

and like others have said... CLEAN THE F OUT OF THOSE CONNECTIONS. it does not take much corrosion to stop something from working. working on Bomber Avionics proved that out more times than i can shake a stick at.

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